5 things you might not know about Russell Kane

5 things you might not know about Russell Kane

Photo: Steve Ullathorne

The flamboyant comic fell into stand-up, takes note of his reviews and has authored a novel

1 Kane admits that getting into stand-up wasn’t exactly the result of a lifelong burning passion. He googled ‘stand-up London’, phoned the first number he saw and got himself an open spot. He describes his move into comedy as ‘apathetic drifting’.

2 He’s a man who clearly takes close note of his reviews, given that some of his Edinburgh Fringe show titles have been named after critical quotes from the previous year’s hour. The likes of Easy Cliché and Tired Stereotypes and Gaping Flaws come directly into this category. There’s no reason not to conclude that his current touring show, Posturing Delivery, arrived by the same route.

3 Anyone left in any doubt that he is somewhat ‘interested’ in reviewers should have a gander at his debut novel from last year, The Humorist. He’s only gone and written about a comedy reviewer who literally has no sense of humour. Cheeky.

4 Kane likes to play to rather different galleries: he’s had a play put on at the RSC and been part of the presenting team for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Quite where his impersonation of Beyoncé for Comic Relief lands is unclear.

5 At the last election he voted Lib Dem but ‘won’t next time’.

Brunton Theatre, Edinburgh, Wed 13 Feb.

Russell Kane - Posturing Delivery - Palace Theatre - 9th March 2013

Russell Kane: Right Man, Wrong Age

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