Crate Digging: Billy Woods of Supermax

Crate Digging: Billy Woods of Supermax

The disco-loving DJ lets us in on a few of his favourite tracks

Great disco DJs aren’t a rarity in Glasgow, but Supermax’s Billy Woods is a strong contender to be considered the best of the bunch. As he prepares to unleash his History of DISCO upon us, here are some of his all-time genre classics

Is Dinosaur L’s ‘Go Bang (Francois K Mix)' (Sleeping Bag) the greatest modern dance record ever made? It wasn’t one you were likely to hear out very often before the advent of the push-button DJ, if only because the house generation suffered from a debilitating fear of live drums and the increased likelihood of car crashing the mix. I have just about every version and reinterpretation you could ever imagine.

Bohannon ‘Let’s Start the Dance’ (Mercury) is another record that was heavily sampled on the house scene but largely frowned upon during that era, while Voyage ‘I Love You Dancer’ (Scirocco) was a huge record for me back in the earliest days at [Glasgow venue] the Riverside. I’ve lost count of the amount of copies I’ve given away, thrown into the crowd or traded in for massive rounds of drinks.

Allegedly the last record ever played at the Paradise Garage was Sharon Ridley’s ‘Changin’’ (Tabu white label), and it’s a rarity due to the fact it was only ever pressed on promo 12-inch. You can feel the emotion coming right through it. I remember reading Larry Levan lamenting the lack of slower ballads featuring in sets. We’re in a similar situation now, and what’s required are DJs with the balls to drop this kind of record.

Sylvester’s ‘Do You Wanna Funk?’ (RCA) is another obvious one, but such a huge record at Supermax. The first time I played it at the party I was extremely drunk and had the audacity to completely cut the volume on the first chorus, but the crowd came right back at me with it. The video’s out there in cyberspace somewhere, everyone singing along in all their glory.

Supermax Presents A History of DISCO is at Berkeley Suite, Glasgow, Sat 2 Feb.

Dinosaur L - Go Bang! #5 (FRANCOIS K. MIX)

Hamilton Bohannon- Let's Start The Dance

I Love You Dancer by Voyage 1981 Disco

Ms Sharon Ridley - Changin' (Full Version)

Sylvester - Do You Wanna Funk (HQ) with Lyrics!


A night of disco mayhem from Billy Woods.