Tracey Thorn - Bedsit Disco Queen (5 stars)

Tracey Thorn - Bedsit Disco Queen

A wise and humorous pop memoir from the Everything but the Girl singer

This opus from Everything But the Girl’s Tracey Thorn masquerades as a brilliant pop biography, but it’s also a fascinating tale of love, growing up, letting go and finding your way. And it beautifully illustrates how we make sense (and order) of our lives in retrospect.

Charting UK pop and indie culture from the punk explosion onward, Bedsit Disco Queen offers a wise and humorous take on Thorn’s career and aesthetic. From teenage all-girl post-punks The Marine Girls (who influenced Hole, Nirvana and LCD Soundsystem) through genre-defying pop duo Everything But the Girl (alongside her husband Ben Watt), to Thorn’s thriving solo endeavours, her keystones are feminism, socialism and punk ideology.

While the lyrics throughout cast new light upon a stunning singer and her quiet, revolutionary songs, most crucially, the book is packed with glorious anecdotes: Thorn hiding in a wardrobe to sing to her first band, awaiting a call from Paul Weller in a Hull phone-box, and how Fairport Convention paved the way for her hit alliances with Massive Attack and Todd Terry.

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