Beneath You - Spider Girls Are Everywhere

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  • 20 September 2007
Beneath You - Spider Girls Are Everywhere

One in ten women in the UK uses more than half her monthly take-home wage to pay off debt, and popular TV programme Spendaholics no longer shocks us with its weekly depiction of debtors borrowing thousands in their quest to portray the perfect outward image. While no-one wants to be in debt, it’s arguably better than breaking the law in the style of a group of Chilean women who hit the headlines after climbing buildings to conduct burglaries and fund their designer clothes habit. When she heard about the Chilean group’s antics, director Morven Gregor, of Birds of Paradise theatre company, felt an ‘almost instantaneous desire to put the story on stage’.

Playwright Kathy McKean has uprooted the original story to Glasgow, a decision that Gregor explains was necessary to examine ‘what it means to be a woman in 21st-century Scotland’. McKean says: ‘I think the play says a lot about how young women wish to be seen, exploring what happens when you take options away from people.

‘It’s designed to challenge people’s blinkeredness and perceptions, highlighting the need to look in a different way, to see things that have always been there.’

Gregor adds, ‘It also provokes questions about how we criminalise young people, how we interact with them and the support that’s available for them.’ (Nicola Husband)
The Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 27—Sat 29 Sep, then touring

Beneath You Spider Girls are Everywhere!

Drama by Kathy McKean about a group of female burglars, presented by Birds of Paradise and Tron Theatre.

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