Molly Sweeney preview

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  • 20 September 2007
Molly Sweeney preview

Dr Oliver Sacks’ work has inspired a number of fictional stories including the 1990 film Awakenings and Pinter’s A Kind of Alaska. His paper entitled ‘To See or Not to See’, a case study of a blind man who regains his sight, was the starting point for Brian Friel’s play which will soon go on a National Theatre of Scotland tour, starring Cara Kelly, a CATS award winner in the role.

Kelly says: ‘Molly has been blind since she was ten months old and has lived a full and abundant life. Now in her forties she comes across Frank who is fascinated by her blindness and the quest to restore her sight. It’s about what happens when a human who’s at one with the world’s life is dismantled and how they cope with the consequences.

‘In rehearsal, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s about people doing things out of the best of motives. I think it also questions whether we are responsible for the consequences of our own behaviour even if they are not foreseen. It’s a good story well told. Brian Friel’s writing is intelligent, witty, humane and compassionate. You really will tune in and engage.’ (Nicola Husband)
Platform at the Bridge, Glasgow, Sat 22 Sep, then touring

Molly Sweeney

  • 4 stars

Second chance to catch the National Theatre of Scotland's acclaimed production of Brian Friel's play, as it goes on tour with Cara Kelly once again in the lead role.

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