Muse: Rock music could start a revolution

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 12 January 2013
Muse singer Matt Bellamy

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy

Muse believe rock music with a message could help spark a global revolution and the band could use their success to influence politics

Muse thinks rock stars could spark a revolution.

The 'Madness' band thinks the link between politics and music is stronger than ever, and a band with the right message could trigger a political change.

When asked if a rock band could spark a revolution, frontman Matt Bellamy said: "I think nowadays probably more so. We do a song like [2009 single] 'Uprising' and a year later there's news about global uprisings everywhere.

"There's no connection obviously, but it's happening. Whether it's directly caused by music or not remains to be seen."

Matt added his celebrity gives him a certain level of influence which he could use to wield in a political way if he chose to.

He explained to Classic Rock magazine: "I could probably tweet something - if I wanted to get arrested - and say, 'Hey, let's all go do this outside 10 Downing Street,' and thousands would probably show up. Anyone well known in the media can have a direct influence if they want to. We've chosen to do it through music rather than other means."


Full on bombastic assault of operatic guitar gymnastics from the mighty Muse.

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