Miranda Hart snogs Gary Barlow

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  • 10 January 2013
Miranda Hart kissing Gary Barlow in 'Miranda'

Miranda Hart kissing Gary Barlow in 'Miranda'

Miranda Hart and Gary Barlow are to engage in a comical kiss in a forthcoming episode of her popular BBC sitcom 'Miranda'

Miranda Hart and Gary Barlow will share a kiss on her TV show.

The 40-year-old comedienne will engage in the comical embrace with the Take That star in a forthcoming episode of 'Miranda' - her popular BBC sitcom - which is set to air on January 21.

One show insider told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Gary was charming on set and a natural when it came to delivering his lines."

But Gary and Miranda look unlikely to have any fun in the bedroom in the forthcoming episode as the 'Call The Midwife' star recently revealed she could never write herself a sex scene because she would find it too funny.

She explained: "There is more relationship in this show and there is kissing.

"But I don't know if I could do a sex scene. We'd just laugh all the way through it."

While Gary looks to be playing a possible love interest for her alter-ego, Miranda previously admitted she would love 'Friends' star Matthew Perry to play such a role because she is "quite obsessed" with him.

She said: "Matthew Perry would be my ideal romantic lead. Imagine him with an English accent and black tie. I am quite obsessed with Matthew Perry."

Gary Barlow

Solo from Take That's songwriter-singer, promoting his new album, the cheesily titled Since I Saw You Last.

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