EastEnders' Kat and Roxy go to war over Alfie

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  • 10 January 2013
Kat, Roxy and Alfie

Kat, Roxy and Alfie

'EastEnders' Kat Moon and Roxy Mitchell will battle for the affections of Alfie Moon as they come to blows when Kat gets a job in the Queen Vic

Kat Moon and Roxy Mitchell are set to go to war for Alfie Moon's affections on 'EastEnders'.

The Walford battleaxes will come to blows in coming weeks when Kat (Jessie Wallace) - who was dumped by husband Alfie (Shane Richie) after her affair with villainous Derek Branning (Jamie Foreman) came to light last month - manages to get herself a job as a cleaner at the Queen Vic, where Roxy (Rita Simons) has moved in with her estranged husband.

A source told Inside Soap magazine: "The fact that Alfie's given Kat a job at the pub after everything she's put him through shows that he still cares for her. And Roxy's no idiot - she knows she's going to have to fight to keep her man."

As tension in the Queen Vic heightens, fiery Kat loses her cool when she sees Roxy's daughter, Amy, playing with one of her son Tommy's toys, resulting in a big bust-up between the pair that has to be broken up by Alfie.

The soap favourite sides with girlfriend Roxy, infuriating his ex-wife, who quits her cleaning job - but Roxy worries he may not be over Kat as he unconsciously calls out her name when he accidentally hurts himself.

Although he tries to reassure Roxy it was a mistake, viewers will be left to wonder where Alfie's heart truly lies.

The soap insider added: "Alfie and Kat have a huge amount of history, but as it stands, Kat's wrecked their dreams of growing old together on Southend pier. It's about time Alfie started looking out for number one and right now Roxy's the girl putting a smile on his face."

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