Rylan Clark passes secret sobbing task

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  • 9 January 2013
Rylan Clark

Rylan Clark

Rylan Clark was given a secret task to recreate his "hysterical sobbing" from 'X Factor' in front of nominated housemates Paula Hamilton, Frankie Dettori and Heidi and Spencer - and he successfully passed the mission

Rylan Clark passed a secret task given to him by Big Brother earlier today (09.01.13).

The former 'X Factor' hopeful - who famously broke down when Nicole Scherzinger told him he was through to the finals of the show - was called to the diary room this afternoon and told he had to fool nominated housemates Paula Hamilton, Frankie Dettori and Heidi and Spencer with some tears.

The show's Twitter feed explained: "1.23pm: Rylan has been called to the Diary Room - could a secret task be in store? We've given it away, yes there is... #CBBsecrettask #CBB

"Rylan has to recreate the hysterical sobbing scene from X Factor by crying tears of sympathy to the 3 nominated HMs #Crylan #CBB (sic)"

And Rylan wasted no time in tackling the task and it seemed to be going well.

The feed continued: "1.44pm: The tears are flowing. Give that boy a medal... #Crylan #CBB

"Rylan's got his tear-ducts in a frenzy with Paula. 'If you don't let it out it goes toxic' she advises him. #CBB # Crylan

"Rylan had Paula convinced - now he's moved seamlessly to Frankie and he's weepy all over again. He'll dehydrate at this rate... #CBB (sic)"

Later in the afternoon, Rylan revealed all to his fellow housemates and Big Brother congratulated him on passing the task.

The feed explained: "2.29pm: Rylan (or #Crylan) emerges from the Diary Room with a BB order to sit on the sofas. #CBB

"2.30pm: Rylan's coming clean about the #Crylan secret mission. He says he feels bad but they're all glad he passed. Huzzah! #CBB (sic)"

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