CBB housemates pass task

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  • 9 January 2013
Sam Robertson

Sam Robertson

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemates have won a £550 shopping budget after passing the Against All Odds task

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestants have won the Against All Odds shopping challenge.

The housemates had spent two days competing in a series of tasks designed to boost the number of 'Pass' balls that entered a randomiser machine, while a series of 'Fail' balls were also acquired as punishment for mistakes sustained along the way.

Yesterday (08.01.13), the group gathered to watch Sam Robertson push the button and they were thrilled when the machine spat out a green Pass ball, meaning they had won a £550 shopping budget.

The show's official Twitter feed reported: "5.20pm: The housemates are all gathered for the verdict of the shopping task, which all comes down to pressing one tiny button. #CBB

"5.24pm: Sam's on hand on BB's Big Vendor, much like that thing off the lottery, basically. Their shopping task results lies on one. #CBB

"5.35pm: SPOILER ALERT! Bwarp bwarp, etc. The housemates have come out as victors in their shopping task, and now get all the food ever. #CBB (sic)"

The group then had to put together their shopping list, but some members were more interested than others.

The Twitter feed continued: "6.20pm: It's maths time. Paula is not helping with the adding up, distracting housemates with talk of her broken ring. #CBB

"6.29pm: It's come done to the herbs and spices. Claire, Ryan and Tricia are the only ones who still care. #CBB

"6.48pm: It's down to the important stuff. Chocolates, biscuits and ice cream. Rylan and Lacey have taken a renewed interest. #CBB

"6.56pm: Phew. After a few centuries, the housemates have now handed in their shopping list. Now it's time to actually cook something. #CBB (sic)"

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