Tyrone Dobbs puts affair is jeopardy

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  • 8 January 2013
Alan Halsall

Tyrone Dobbs

'Coronation Street's Tyrone Dobbs' affair is in danger of being uncovered by his abusive fiancee Kirsty Soames, after he leaves his secret phone down the side of the sofa

'Coronation Street's Tyrone Dobbs' affair is in danger of being uncovered by his fiancee.

The mechanic's abusive partner, Kirsty Soames, bursts in as he's using his secret mobile to text his lover, Fiz Stape, and he is forced to jam the handset down the side of the sofa and hope she doesn't notice.

Before he has chance to retrieve it, Kirsty's (Natalie Gumede) hen party starts and Tyrone (Alan Halsall) - who is only marrying Kirsty to boost his chances of retaining access to their baby daughter Ruby - is faced with an agonising few hours to see if it is found.

A source told Inside Soap magazine: "He's spent weeks concocting this sham of a wedding with Kirsty just to make sure she can't take little Ruby away from him when he ultimately leaves her and at the eleventh hour he makes a potentially devastating mistake.

"If Kirsty finds his phone and realises he's been carrying on with Fiz behind his back, the consequences could be utterly catastrophic."

Tyrone eventually recovers the phone from the same place he left it, but can't be sure conniving Kirsty hasn't found it, seen his messages, then put it back again and is worried.

The source added: "He can't be totally sure that Kirsty hasn't found it then put it back to throw him off the scent. If she already knows what's going on, who's to say what menacing revenge plot she might be cooking up."

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