Heidi and Spencer refuse task

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  • 8 January 2013
Heidi breaks down during Pass the Pass task

Heidi breaks down during Pass the Pass task

Heidi and Spencer refused to take part in a 'Celebrity Big Brother' task which involved passing ping pong balls with their mouths because it was a "violation" of their marriage vows yesterday (07.01.13)

Heidi and Spencer refused to take part in a 'Celebrity Big Brother' task yesterday (07.01.13).

As part of the Against All Odds challenge, the housemates were paired up according to a wheel spin and had to grab the sides of a floating ping pong ball with their mouths and transfer it to a container.

However, Heidi said: "I'm not kissing anyone! It's a violation of our marriage vows."

Spencer agreed and the pair refused to join in as the others tackled the task with glee.

Big Brother warned the group they may automatically fail if people refused to take part in the task, and the show's live Twitter feed appeared to suggest they had gone through with their threat.

They wrote: "9.12pm: Big Brother is revealing the task results. Housemates are making a right old fuss. Paula says the results are disgusting. Harsh.#CBB (sic)"

However, it later emerged the group had won 80 pass balls but incurred 20 fails, as well as an additional 20 fails as punishment for 'The Hills' stars refusing to take part.

Heidi had earlier refused to be a part of the Pass the Pass task, which saw housemates have to pass items down a table with their mouths and was particularly furious because Spencer had been seated next to glamour model Lacey Banghard.

She cried and said: "It's totally inappropriate. That's not appropriate in my marriage. We don't cross that line. I hate Big Brother!"

However, Spencer told Heidi she was overreacting and should calm down.

He told her: "I don't know what you expect me to do here.

"I don't know why you have got to act like that to me? It ends once it's dropped.

"Do you think I care if there is a luxury food budget?"

Heidi eventually relented and the task went ahead, with the housemates gaining 72 pass balls and 15 fails after successfully moving six out of 10 items.

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