Claire Richards faces Steps torture

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  • 7 January 2013
Claire Richards

Claire Richards

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' shopping task has been set, and one challenge will see Steps' Claire Richards forced to listen to '5,6,7,8', one of the group's biggest hits, over and over again

Claire Richards will have to listen to one of Steps' biggest hits on a loop to help pass the 'Celebrity Big Brother' 'Against The Odds' shopping task.

A 'randomiser' machine has been placed in the living room and currently contains one green ball saying 'PASS' and a red saying 'FAIL' and a series of challenges will help the housemates boost their chances of winning by earning more green balls.

One of these will see Claire asked to spend as much time as possible in the small task room - where she will then discover her group's song '5,6,7,8' playing over and over. The longer she stays in, the more passes she earns. If she leaves the room, she will fail, but the rest of the group will also be given random opportunities to leave the room, allowing her to take the number of passes she has already earned.

The first challenge the group faced as part of the task was called Pass the Pass. The housemates sat at a long table and had to pass items to one another using their mouths, earning a maximum of 12 passes - or up to 11 fails if the item, which included a muddy boot and lard, was dropped or spat out.

And the task saw Heidi break down in tears as husband Spencer was seated next to Lacey Banghard.

The show's Twitter feed reported: "Drama alert. Heidi's crying because Spencer's next to Lacey for #CBBpassthepass meaning they could end up mouth on mouth. #CBB (sic)"

Other tasks will see one housemate called to the Diary Room and given a box of chocolates containing three normal sweets and the rest infused with scotch bonnet chillies. For each 'hot' chocolate they eat they will receive one fail, but if they find all three normal ones they will win twenty passes.

There will also be a Kissing Balls challenge, where a succession of small ping pong balls will be suspended by a jet of air, so they float. Pairs of housemates must capture the ball between their lips and transport it to a green cylinder.

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