Matt Lapinskas: Shona was jealous of skating partner

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  • 5 January 2013
Matt Lapinskas (R) with Tony Discipline

Matt Lapinskas

Matt Lapinskas was forced to introduce girlfriend Shona McGarty to his 'Dancing on Ice' partner Brianne Delcourt after she grew suspicious of their friendship

Matt Lapinskas has admitted girlfriend Shona McGarty is jealous of his 'Dancing on Ice' partner.

The former 'EastEnders' hunk had to introduce his lover - who plays Whitney Dean on the soap - to Brianne Delcourt after she became suspicious of their friendship but the two women got on well.

Matt admitted: "Shona got jealous so I made them meet each other and they're getting on well now."

Matt - who has been dating Shona for 18 months - admitted he has had a number of embarrassing mishaps on the ice which have seen him get a little bit too close to Brianne.

He said: "I was doing a sit lift, where your hand goes in the middle of her bum, and I was a bit too low and Brianne was like, 'Yeah you're on my cha-cha'. I said, 'Sorry mate' and she said, 'Move your hand to the right.'

"When I hold her sometimes she's like, 'You're on my bits!'

"It is quite embarrassing but obviously Brianne is used to it.

"I've grabbed boob. I've been slipping over trying to hold on to something. She's got great boobs."

And despite taking several tumbles during their practice sessions, Matt is no longer worried about getting injured.

He said: "I've fallen over loads of times. I smashed my hip doing a twirl, I cracked the back of my head falling over on the ice lifting Bri.

"We were doing a lift and she started kicking her legs. I went underneath her and she landed on me.

"There was nearly an early fatality there.

"Once you fall over five or six times you get used to it. You just hit the ice and get back up."

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