Steven Spielberg's unusual film

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  • 31 December 2012
Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is ready for his usual fans to dislike his latest work 'Lincoln' but he is very proud of the project

Steven Spielberg thinks 'Lincoln' is his most unusual work to date.

The prolific director is immensely proud of his biopic about the US President Abraham Lincoln, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, even though he is fully prepared for fans of his usual epic action blockbusters to be disappointed.

He said: "It's nice at 65 that after 28 movies I can really say I made a movie unlike anything I've ever directed. And if people don't want to see it because they hear it is not typical of my work, I'll fully accept that. I'm not a barker. I can't sit outside the tent with a bullhorn. They either will or they won't."

The 'War Horse' filmmaker enjoyed experimenting with dialogue and longer scenes in the feature - which has been nominated for a string of awards - and he followed a slow and steady approach to the casting and script writing process because he wanted it to be just right.

Steven explained that the film is: "As close as I've ever come to directing for the stage. Some of the scenes are eight, nine minutes long with their own beginning, middle and end. I don't have eight or nine minutes in any of my movies. I didn't make it quickly.

"It took a long time to get the script right. It took a long time to find my Lincoln. I'm in a moment right now where I am proud of the work and relieved that we got this thing off the ground. There were many times I thought this would never get done."

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