Dan Whiston's wordy new year wish

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  • 31 December 2012
Dan Whiston

Dan Whiston

Dan Whiston plans to stop saying so many "naughty words" in the new year but admits it could be tough as he just cannot help letting a rude word accidentally slip out when he is on TV

Dan Whiston wants to stop swearing in 2013.

The 'Dancing on Ice' professional skater - who is partnered with Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle for the forthcoming ITV1 series - plans to stop saying "naughty words" so much in the new year, but admits sometimes he just cannot help it when a rude word accidentally slips out.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I haven't really thought too much about new year's resolutions but I guess to stop swearing would be one. When I'm on camera it just happens, I can't help it. So I need to stop saying naughty words, I can't help it."

While Dan loves indulging in the odd calorific treat over the festive period, he will spend the last few days of the season "trimming out" and "calming down" ahead of the first 'Dancing on Ice' episode.

He added: "The start of 'Dancing on Ice' is going to be in the back of everybody's minds over the festive period and during the last few days you have to start trimming out a bit and calming down because we got straight into a live show. So it's no good coming back after new year all, 'Happy new year', with a hangover from hell and straight into the show. It can't be done.

"The last few days of the holiday I always make sure I just calm down and get prepared for that first show really."

'Dancing on Ice' returns to ITV on January 6.

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