Aston Martin pips Apple to coolest brand honour

  • 14 September 2007

Aston Martin has been rated the coolest brand, according to a survey which sees the classic car manufacturer overtake the Apple iPod.

The car is thought to have received a status boost from Casino Royal, with Aston Martin 007’s vehicle of choice.

Based on more than 2,000 public votes, the CoolBrands Council listed YouTube third, followed closely by Bang and Olufsen and Google at fourth and fifth.

Stephen Cheliotis, chair of the council, commented: “On the one hand, things can become cool by virtue of their necessity or prevalence in your life, like Google, or Amazon.

“On the other, the things you really want, but may know you’ll never get - like a Rolex or Ferrari - are considered just as cool.

“There seems to be a real divergence between aspiration and practicality but both are deemed cool - which goes to show how the needs and desires of consumers are developing.”

The top 20 also includes ethical chocolate brand Green & Black’s (18), Virgin Atlantic (10) and the Tate Modern (15).

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