Daniel Radcliffe's Hoffman ambition

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 December 2012
Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe says the success of Dustin Hoffman gives him hope he can be a good leading man, even if he isn't conventionally good looking

Daniel Radcliffe wants to be the next Dustin Hoffman.

The former 'Harry Potter' star models himself on iconic US actor Dustin, because he is renowned for his method acting and the variety of roles he's played in his 50 year acting career, but also because they're both relatively short

He said: "The person I've been looking at is Dustin Hoffman. In fact, I passed him the other day and he is absolutely on the shorter side, as am I. But he was in all those great roles, from action thrillers to romantic stuff. So there is a way of doing it unconventionally if you don't necessarily look like the 6ft romantic lead."

Daniel, 23, says one of best moves toward proving he is a serious actor has been starring in racy stage play 'Equus' in 2007, which helped show off his acting prowess.

He said: "Doing Equus was important. It showed people that I wasn't just here to capitalise on the 'Potter' fame for as long as I could. I think ultimately, I'm ambitious because I want to prove everyone wrong who thinks that it's impossible to emerge from 'Harry Potter' and do well."

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