MySpace bags cancelled TV show

  • 14 September 2007

A new show from the producers of My So-Called Life - the US series which propelled Claire Danes into the big time - will be screened online after TV networks refused to make a full series.

Quarterlife, a drama about a group of graduates stateside, has been created by Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick, who claim networks also want increasing control over the content of shows.

They decided to air the show on MySpace in November, which the site claims will be the first internet programme of network quality.

An hour of material will be divided into several episodes, while character profiles and scripts are expected to be published online for fans.

Herskovitz said it would be an advantage to have full creative control.

“Ed and I have a great interest in being independent, and for several for several years, we’ve realised the internet offers that possibility,” he said.

Due to debut on November 11, the social networking site will have exclusive rights to the 36 episodes for 24 hours before it is available on the Quarterlife website.

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