Marty Scurll: British Boot Camp is like wrestling Apprentice

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  • 24 December 2012
Marty with The Blossom Twins

Marty Scurll with British Boot Camp wrestlers

Marty Scurll says new reality TV show 'TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp' has a lot in common with business series 'The Apprentice'

Marty Scurll says 'TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp' is like 'The Apprentice' for wrestlers.

The hunky grappler - who appeared on ITV1 dating show 'Take Me Out' - is one of four UK grapplers competing on the new reality TV show to win a contract to be a competitor on the American company's roster.

Marty insists he and his rivals Rockstar Spud and sexy tag team The Blossom Twins - sisters Holly and Hannah Blossom - are given some tough challenges by judges Hulk Hogan, British World of Sport legend Rollerball Rocco and TNA President Dixie that are not dissimilar to Lord Alan Sugar's tasks on the business programme.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Marty said: "When I describe the show 'The Apprentice' is a good comparison. We're not just there just to be wrestlers. We've got to know about all aspects of wrestling, we learn to do promos, or do a PR day - the other things that are all part of being a wrestler. Wrestling is our bread and butter but it's actually a very small part of the job.

"The whole thing is about becoming a superstar and if TNA are going to hire us then they need to know we can do all aspects of wrestling."

Spud added: "You're representing a global company, you're not an independent contractor anymore, they need to see how you're going to handle that. Can you deal with living out of a suitcase? Can you live out of hotels? Can you handle the flights? Can you deal with the people while keeping a smile on your face? It's big pressure."

Marty and the other wrestlers were followed by cameras 24 hours a day for the series and he insists it was important for the judges to see everything that happened so they could see who had the special quality needed to become a TNA superstar.

Marty explained: "The judges wanted to see how we coped in all the various situations. That's the reason they followed us round all the time with cameras because they want someone who does have the X Factor and who does have that star quality. They're following us all the time to see who does have the brightest personality. The wrestling is the easy bit."

The winner of the show will receive a contract to compete on TNA's flagship TV show 'IMPACT' joining the likes of wrestling legends such as Sting and Jeff Hardy.

The victorious competitor will also compete on TNA's 'Road To Lockdown Tour' of the UK and Ireland in 2013, which culminates with a TV taping at Wembley Arena in London.

'TNA Wrestling British Boot Camp' starts on Challenge TV on Tuesday January 1, 2013.

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