Secret Santa Ray Winstone

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  • 24 December 2012
Ray Winstone

Ray Winstone

Ray Winstone dresses as Santa and delivers presents for his three children every Christmas, to bring a little traditional magic to the family house

Ray Winstone dresses as Santa every Christmas.

The 55-year-old actor has always donned a traditional red and white outfit and hidden his face under a fake white beard to deliver some presents to his children, Lois, 30, Jaime, 27, and Ellie-Rae, 11.

Jaime said: "My earliest memory is seeing Santa delivering my presents. I was 12 before I realised it was Dad dressed up. My little sister, Ellie-Rae, is only 11 now, so I get to relive the magic."

Ray is also a keen chef and he and his wife Elaine get competitive over who can make the best gravy to accompany their traditional festive dinner.

Jaime added: "There's always a gravy-off between Mum and Dad, and his Boxing Day turkey stew is just amazing."

The Winstone family have a number of traditions they observe on Christmas Day - including both fighting and singing.

Jaime explained: "Winstone family traditions? My dad on music duty - Elvis in the living room, Frank Sinatra in the kitchen - a family row around midday then, later, we hit Raymondo's for karaoke."

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