Miranda Hart: Sex scene would make me laugh

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  • 21 December 2012
Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart insists there will be no sex scenes in 'Miranda' - because she wouldn't be able to film them with a straight face

Miranda Hart could never write herself a sex scene - because she'd laugh too much.

The comedienne admits the latest series of her sitcom 'Miranda' features more love and romance than before, but she would never get too intimate with a co-star as she'd struggle to keep a straight face during filming.

She said: "There is more relationship in this show and there is kissing.

"But I don't know if I could do a sex scene. We'd just laugh all the way through it."

Miranda also believes her comedic success came as a result of her difficulties in her teens, as her "angsty" nature made her become a more creative person.

Speaking on 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man', she said: "Everything comes easier to the pretty ones as teenagers, whereas I got quite angsty, which breeds boredom, which breeds creativity."

Miranda recently revealed she would love to have former 'Friends' actor Matthew Perry play a love interest for her.

She said: "Matthew Perry would be my ideal romantic lead. Imagine him with an English accent and black tie. I am quite obsessed with Matthew Perry."

In the comedy, Miranda has a will they/won't they romance with her good friend Gary (Tom Ellis) but she was keen to make sure the storyline didn't dominate the series.

She added: "I never wanted it to be about a single woman looking for love, but I suppose I did want to tap into as many universal themes as possible and love is sort of the key universal theme that runs through life."

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