Starter for 6: Mahala Le May design - modifying dining spaces, utensils and edibles

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  • 20 December 2012
Starter for 6: An enterprise training programme run by Cultural Enterprise Office

Mahala Le May

Starter for 6: An enterprise training programme run by Cultural Enterprise Office

Starter for 6 is an enterprise training programme run by Cultural Enterprise Office. A recent participant is Mahala Le May design, a designer who creates unique eating experiences that engage, surprise and promote social exchange. By modifying spaces, utensils and edibles, she delivers bespoke events of all shapes and sizes, providing a real treat for all who take part.

The Edinburgh-based designer graduated from The University of Dundee in Textile Design in 2007, and has held a series of posts in Edinburgh and Amsterdam since then. Her recent work, which takes dining as a broad theme, takes her into an area where the boundaries between craft, art and industrial design are indistinct.

Sometimes bearing a resemblance to abstract architectural sketches, this work is as much about beautiful objects and playfulness as it is about practicality, a point reinforced by the fact that her website categorises her work into 'usable', 'improbable', and 'hypothetical'.

With work including wallpaper the resembles food, utensils 'improved' to resemble the human face in profile and a series of metal spoons inlaid with sparkly lining, there's a great deal of humour in her practical works. A flavour of the other 'improbable' extreme might be illustrated by her series of spoons stuck to the wall with jam.

Starter for 6 is Scotland’s premier start-up and investment programme for creative industry entrepreneurs. Mahala Le May design is one of many businesses that has benefited from participation in the programme. For more information on Starter for 6, visit:

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