Maria and Patrick 'clash' on Young Apprentice final

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  • 20 December 2012
Maria Doran and Patrick McDowell

Maria Doran and Patrick McDowell

Tonight's (20.12.12) 'Young Apprentice' final sees Maria Doran and Patrick McDowell "clash a lot", while their rivals Ashleigh Porter-Exley and Lucy Beauvallet also disagree resulting in Ashleigh claiming she is taking a "much more grown-up approach" to the task compared to her colleague

Maria Doran and Patrick McDowell "clash a lot" on tonight's (20.12.12) 'Young Apprentice' final.

The pair team up to take on Ashleigh Porter-Exley and Lucy Beauvallet in the grand finale of the BBC One show, which sees Lord Alan Sugar set them a task of designing a brand new global sportswear range, but Maria and Patrick disagree on whether or not to use a 50-person choir in their viral campaign.

In a joint interview with all four finalists, Patrick exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "We clashed a lot. But at the end of the day we both like to say what we think and get it out of the way."

Maria added: "On a positive note though, although we all found it tough we are all really strong positive personalities and made it to the final.

"But I actually found it so perfect to work with Patrick because there were a lot of things that he's done that I've learnt from."

Ashleigh and Lucy also clashed when deciding what to call their streetwear brand before eventually opting for the name Release, and Ashleigh then claims she is taking "a much more grown-up approach" to the task compared to her joint project manager, who remains unconvinced by the name.

The four finalists had a helping hand from this year's fired 'Young Apprentice' contestants, and Maria was particularly pleased to see Navdeep Bual return for the latter stages of the competition.

She explained: "I was really happy that Navdeep was back because I genuinely respected her opinion. It was so good to have someone on my team who I respected so much because sometimes you're not always right and sometimes you need to hear it."

Ashleigh added: "We were all happy that the other candidates returned. Lord Sugar was definitely spoilt for choice this year." She then joked: "It was quite refreshing to speak to someone apart from the four of us!"

Lucy admits all of the contestants got on well throughout the series, so much so they were like a "dysfunctional family".

She said: "We had such a good time together, I actually said we were like a dysfunctional family."

Lord Sugar will crown the winner of this year's 'Young Apprentice' on tonight's (20.12.12) show at 8pm on BBC One.

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