Romance blossoms between Marty and Hannah on TNA British Boot Camp

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  • 19 December 2012
Marty with The Blossom Twins

Marty with The Blossom Twins

Two of the stars of Hulk Hogan's new reality TV show 'TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp' will be seen enjoying a romance when the series kicks off in January

'Take Me Out' star Marty Scurll has a romance with a wrestler on new reality TV show 'TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp'.

The handsome grappler - who appeared on the ITV1 dating show - can soon be seen competing with other British wrestlers to try and land a contract with TNA Wrestling.

Marty battles Rockstar Spud and sexy sisters The Blossom Twins in the series, but it seems Marty and Hannah Blossom had eyes for each other as well as the prize.

Marty exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Hannah Blossom took a bit of a liking to me, it's natural she's a lady, so she's going to like someone like me."

However, Spud has mocked his co-star for acting like a "puppy dog round Hannah - whose sister is called Holly - and insists Marty's romantic pursuit meant he wasn't completely focused on impressing the show's judges Hulk Hogan, British World of Sport legend Rollerball Rocco and TNA President Dixie.

Spud claimed: "You were walking round like a puppy dog, You were like this to Hannah, 'Do you need your coat? Do you want someone to help you? Do you want me to get your bags for you?' Is that what you call groundwork? While you were doing that I was concentrating on winning the show."

Viewers will see the four competitors followed around by cameras 24/7 and get set a series of challenges to test their ability to be professional wrestlers.

The winner will earn a place on the company's roster, joining the likes of Sting and former Olympic Gold medallist Kurt Angle on the UK's most-watched wrestling programme.

They will also compete on TNA's 'Road To Lockdown Tour' of the UK and Ireland in 2013, which culminates with a TV taping at Wembley Arena in London.

'TNA Wrestling British Boot Camp' starts on Challenge TV on Tuesday January 1, 2013.


1. WrestlingFan19 Dec 2012, 5:11pm Report

How is it Hulk Hogan's reality TV show?

I think you'll find it is TNA Entertainment LLC's TV Show.

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