Snide Rhythms - Snide Rhythms (4 stars)

Snide Rhythms - Snide Rhythms

A grab-bag of leftfield post-punk influences that channel the sound of the ECA's Wee Red Bar

With art school credentials to spare, Colvin Cruikshank’s trio of Edinburgh scene-setters mash up a grab-bag of leftfield post-punk conceptualists to make something that seems to channel the ghosts of every act who ever made the Wee Red Bar such a crucial hot-bed of musical and artistic eclectica – while still sounding oh so very now.

There’s even a glam rock styled tribute to the band's alma mater on ‘E.C.A’. Musically jaunty and lyrically wry, Snide Rhythms are possessed with an off-kilter quirkiness bordering on brilliance that more than justifies the band’s name. On ‘Yah Versus Schemie’, they even manage to dissect the sociological roots of class war in one minute and 15 seconds with a wit that withers even as it puts two fingers up to both parties before running away snickering.

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