The Primevals - Heavy War (3 stars)

The Primevals - Heavy War

Trashy Americana that does little to lift itself out of the pub circuit leagues

Discovering The Primevals are still above ground was a pleasant surprise. In the days when being in a Glasgow band meant regulation tank tops, shorts and sandals, The Primevals loitered like bad boys outside the chippie. Their thing was trashy Americana: a bit of the Cramps, some MC5; stuff the Jesus and Mary Chain would later refine. The guys in the songs were forever having, like, heavy scenes with chicks in shades and Gun Club T-shirts.

The problem was The Primevals were always a local, pubby, cartoon-sneery band rather than proper contenders. Little has changed on this, their 30th anniversary album. You can almost hear the amps being lifted out the Ford Mondeo as the old warriors reconvene to evoke the scuzzy allure of post-industrial Detroit. It’s good, serviceable stuff but strictly of the Conference League.

The Primevals - Keep Coming Back

The Primevals

Edgy R&B-tinged rock from the veteran Glasgow band.

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