Steve Adey - The Tower of Silence (3 stars)

Steve Adey - The Tower of Silence

Moody pop with shades of The Blue Nile from vocally impressive singer Adey

Edinburgh resident Steve Adey is blessed with a voice which teeters between Feargal Sharkey and Paul Buchanan, the latter’s band being an especially pertinent touchstone for The Tower of Silence – recorded in a 19th century church in Edinburgh. All told, there are three attempts to produce a new ‘Easter Parade’ while the production gig is taken by Calum Malcolm, who helped give the Blue Nile their special brand of lush austerity.

But while the overall effect here is being repeatedly bashed over the head by the most maudlin hammer in the world, when Adey gets it right, he really gets it right.

‘The Field’ is a stand-out classic, gelling musically, lyrically and emotionally to create a song that should haunt your days and plague your nights for a very long time.

Steve Adey - 'Laughing' // Live Session

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