Hollywood in ‘possibly ruining sacred cow’ shock

  • List.co.uk
  • 13 September 2007

Now, we can all agree that the BBC drama State of Play was a work of unfettered genius.

Which is why the news that Edward Norton and Brad Pitt have been slated to appear in a big screen adaptation is something of a double-edged sword – it could be wonderful or it could sully a cherished memory.

The good news is that Kevin Macdonald is in the frame to direct, the bad news is … well the bad news is they’re making it.

Norton is lined up for the David Morrissey role as a politician, a congressman rather than an MP natch, who sees his inexorable rise to the top halted by the rather inconvenient death of his mistress.

Pitt is set to fill John Sim’s shoes as the journalist and former party worker who investigates the whole kerfuffle and adds insult to injury by getting himself embroiled with Norton’s estranged wife.

Filming is set to start in November, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long to see how they’ll fit the labyrinthine plot into two and bit hours.

And if Bill Nighy isn’t in it, there’ll be an uprising.