Gaggle's ‘The Power of Money’ is single of the month

Gaggle's ‘The Power of Money’ is single of the month


Singles and downloads December 2012

Nothing says ‘Christmas night out’ quite like Pissed Jeans’ ‘Bathroom Laughter’ (Sub Pop, ●●●●), wherein the noise insurgents spew forth amyl-wired scuzz that annihilates flashbacks to Mariah Carey’s wafting ballad ‘Christmas Time Is In the Air Again’ (●●, Columbia) and the lumbering Santa-MOR of The Killers’ ‘I Feel It In My Bones’ (●●).

Considerably more pleasing than ‘Mimi’ is the astral electro of Dutch Uncles’ ‘Flexxin’ (●●●, Memphis Industries) and machine-pop’s charms prevail via Julia Holter’s incorporeal ‘Goddess Eyes II’ (●●●●, Domino) and techno voyager Nathan Fake’s ‘Paean’ (●●●●, Border Community).

This month’s obligatory register of regal designates spans King Post Kitsch’s garage-rock lament ‘Repulsive Sunset’ (●●●, Song, By Toad) and Bonnie Prince Billy’s snow-capped admonition, ‘Christmas Eve Can Kill You’ (●●●, Domino), a reunion with ace vocal foil Dawn McCarthy.

Despite his previous charges, there’s nary a hint of murder balladry on Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ beatific hymn, ‘We No Who U R’ (●●●●, Bad Seeds Ltd), but Lil Daggers’ bring the death-force tools and downtime psychedelia on ‘Faces and Names’ (●●●, Song, by Toad).

Kid Canaveral’s alt-rock aria, ‘Low Winter Sun’ (●●●●, Fence) is as glorious, bright and life-affirming as its subject-matter, and it’s backed by a swooning dawn-pop anthem in The Pictish Trail’s ‘The Handstand Crowd’, but they’re narrowly pipped to Single of the Month by a 21-strong female choir – ergo, Gaggle, whose ‘The Power of Money’ (●●●●, Transgressive), sounds like carol singers, Christmas discos, mistletoe deviance and tinsel – and all to a groovy anti-capitalist beat. Praise be!

Pissed Jeans - Bathroom Laughter

ᴴᴰ Mariah Carey - Christmas Time Is In The Air Again (Live at Rockefeller Center 2012)

Dutch Uncles - Flexxin

Nathan Fake - Paean

The Killers - I Feel It In My Bones ft. Ryan Pardey

King Post Kitsch - Repulsive Sunsets

Julia Holter - Goddess Eyes II

Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Christmas Eve Can Kill You

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - We No Who U R (Lyric Video)

Lil Daggers - Faces & Names

Kid Canaveral - Low Winter Sun

The Pictish Trail - The Handstand Crowd

Power Of Money - Gaggle

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