Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra/Barry Guy/Edwin Morgan - Schweben

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra/Barry Guy/Edwin Morgan - Schweben

Celebration of Russian Futurist poet Vladimir Mayakovsky's radical vision

With his brilliant Scots translations of the Russian Futurist poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, Edwin Morgan sought to bring the spirit of the pre-war avant-garde to 1960s Scotland. Barry Guy and GIO celebrate his radical vision, using Mayakovsky’s Futurist manifesto ‘Ay, But Can Ye?’ and Kandisky’s paintings as inspiration for a long piece showing the orchestra’s full range. Flautist Matthew Studdert-Kennedy delivers gasping, overblown reveilles, while squarblesome horns evoke the clank-hiss-boom of the new age of industry. Fragments of the poem are scattered throughout by vocal artists Aileen Campbell and Nicola MacDonald, their fervent declarations pushing the Orchestra to a clamorous peak.

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra Festival V

Two days of free jazz and improv music from the GIO and guests (including George Lewis, Evan Parker, Maggie Nicols, The Alexander von Schlippenbach Trio, The Shetland Improvisers Orchestra and the performance of a commission from influential leftfield composer and musician Jim O Rourke of Sonic Youth) to celebrate their…

Remembering Edwin Morgan

James McGonigal, author of Beyond the Last Dragon: A life of Edwin Morgan, alongside George Burt of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, describe how Morgan came to make an appearance on GIO's latest CD. This event celebrates Edwin Morgan's life and continuing inspiration.

Remembering Edwin Morgan: An Evening of Words and Music

George Burt of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra talks about the graphic score of Barry Guy's piece ‘Schweben: Ay, but can ye?’ and discusses his history of working with Edwin Morgan.

Three Envelopes for Edwin Morgan

Musical performance event with the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, with readings by Tam Dean Burn of Edwin Morgan's poetry, ‘enveloped’ by music from the GIO and Maggie Nicols.


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