Christopher Owens - Lysandre (4 stars)

Christopher Owens - Lysandre

Focused and disarmingly honest solo effort from former Girls lynchpin


His first output since quitting Girls, Christopher Owens’ hasty solo album should herald the stick-thin San Francisco indie model dude – whose outrageous backstory features religious cults, rich benefactors and heroin addiction – getting found out as the phoney doubters demand. But Lysandre confounds preconceptions: it’s pretty, focused and disarmingly – almost naïvely – honest.

It’s a bittersweet ode to a French ex-love, the first girl he met on Girls’ debut tour, yet speaks more broadly to the simple thrill a young musician feels hitting the road for the first time, as warmly shaded by acoustic strumming and plucking, sighing slide guitars, florid flute flourishes and travellin’ man harmonica. Standout track ‘Love Is In The Ear Of The Listener’ eloquently exalts objectivity in musical appreciation, but even the most biased critics stand to be conquered.

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