Julia Holter - Ekstasis (4 stars)

Julia Holter - Ekstasis

Anthology of visionary pop vignettes using ritualism and baroque instrumentation


While Californian underground pop luminary Julia Holter used her debut, Tragedy, to translate a classic ancient Greek text (Euripides’ Hippolytus) into a grassroots suite of electronic pop, its incandescent follow-up, Ekstasis proves that her way with a song is as vital and enthralling as her conceptual, long-form work.

While both albums’ roots can be traced to ancient Greek culture, and each features disembodied aria ‘Goddess Eyes (I/II)’, Ekstasis can also be taken at face value: as an anthology of visionary pop vignettes – ‘Marienbad’ and ‘In The Same Room’ are particularly striking in that context – and when it evokes ritualism, baroque instrumentation, Virginia Woolf and Anne Carson, it does so in a warm and convincing manner. Further proof that she is a fascinating artist.

Julia Holter - In The Same Room [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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