The Pictish Trail - Secret Soundz Vol 2 (4 stars)

The Pictish Trail - Secret Soundz Vol 2


Pity poor Johnny Lynch, who has to escape to the Isle of Eigg to be free of the long shadow which Fence and their multifarious festival activities cast over him. None of that’s true, of course, but it pays to be reminded of the label boss’s talents as a musician and this Eigg-recorded album does that in generous measure.

It’s eclectic and wonderful, from the misty-eyed psychedelia of ‘Sequels’ to ‘The Handstand Crowd’ and ‘Michael Rocket’s tender, faraway melancholy and the glistening indie-pop of ‘Long in the Tooth’. It’s a rare album which manages to sound utterly immediate yet layered with hidden sounds and sensations, but as the name implies, this manages it. Deserved wider recognition surely awaits.

Watch a mini-documentary below, made by Forest of Black all about the making of The Pictish Trail's new album Secret Soundz Vol. 2

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