Mission of Burma - Mono, Glasgow, Wed 5 Dec 2012 (5 stars)

Mission of Burma - Mono, Glasgow, Wed 5 Dec 2012

The US post-punk trio deliver raw, sweat-drenched show at Glasgow's Mono

Few bands can split at the height of their popularity, lay low for 20 years, only to reunite and spend the next decade touring the world, cranking out a new record every two years; each better than the last. But few bands are quite like Mission of Burma.

On their long-awaited return to Glasgow, they command the city’s prime cultural hub, Mono, for a rare but well-attended show, with messrs Conley, Miller and Prescott about two inches from the crowd. Looking like teen boys despite edging into their 50s, Mission of Burma’s core trio (with Shellac/Volcano Suns’ Bob Weston working the desk and tape loops) are simply crushing from the get-go. Opening with ‘Second Television’ from this year’s Unsound, they blast out song-after-song of career-spanning brilliance with a fervour and energy that belies their age. They quip, jump, headbang, sloppily fall over themselves – literally and figuratively – and take turns blasting out lead vocals, operating as a raw and democratic unit. By the time they hit second-encore ‘That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate’, the crowd is as gravel-throated and sweaty as the band, but my God is it worth it.

Mission of Burma - That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate

Mission of Burma

Complex angular post-punk from the Boston legends.