Big Sean - The Arches, Glasgow, Thu 29 Nov 2012 (3 stars)

Big Sean - The Arches, Glasgow, Thu 29 Nov 2012

The Kanye protege succeeds at getting the party started, but lacks the star power of his best tracks

If the scene in the ladies is anything to go by, you'd think you were backstage before a disco-dance competition. Fake-tanned skin contradicts the freezing night, with Big Sean even tweeting about the cold before his debut Scottish appearance.

The Detroit rhymer, signed to Kanye West’s label, gets through a number of raps from his mixtapes and debut album, Finally Famous, during his hour-long set. While solo songs ‘Guap’ and ‘I Do It’ are popular with the young Glasgow crowd, it's his collaboration tracks ‘My Last’, ‘Ass’ and ‘Mercy’ that really hype them up. The 23-year-old's brazen lyrics, swagged-out gold chains and cheeky grin go down well with the dolled-up Glasgow girls, especially when he takes his top off and shouts out to all the ‘pretty ladies’. Even supported by visuals and DJ Mo Beatz, Big Sean lacks something. Maybe this is the reason why his most successful releases have featured Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. Things end on a high when the rapper drops the Cruel Summer banger ‘Clique’. It then becomes apparent what is missing: Kanye and Jay- Z.

Big Sean - Guap (Explicit)

Mercy (Explicit)

Big Sean

Detroit rapper who got his break on Kanye West's GOOD Music label.

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