Exposure: Daughter

Exposure: Daughter

Photo: Stacy Hatfield

The ambient alt.folk trio are tipped for great things in 2013

One daughter and two sons, this London trio will be all over the January tips-for-the-year lists with their unnervingly, transfixing model of emotionally derelict ambient alt-folk. Having spent the last few months bedding in with a handful of singles, two EPs, His Young Heart and The Wild Youth, festival appearances galore and dates opening for Beirut, Daughter are set for a big one in 2013

What’s their story?
Originally the solo pseudonym of vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Elena Tonra, Daughter became a band when guitarist Igor Haefeli and later drummer Remi Aguilella joined the fold. They’d been playing together as a three-piece for just 18 months when 4AD swooped for their signature.

Their lyrics aren’t exactly … cheery, are they?
Awash with toxic love, Tonra’s words employ a mixture of moody poetry and bloody literalism. ‘Landfill’ lays bare her double-edged affection for a guy who makes her feel like shit: ‘I want you so much/ but I hate your guts.’ On the bewitchingly beautiful ‘Youth’ Tonra proves that broken hearts are for sissies: ‘you broke my chest,’ she sings, in a deceptively sweet and mellow tone.

Goodness, she’s not had much luck with the fellas. Tell us she has at least some reliable lads in her life …
Yes indeed, a fine talented twosome in Haefeli and Aguilella, whose Explosions in the Sky-esque vapour-trail guitar lines and softly rumbling rhythms are a lesson in restrained playing – think The xx on an alt-folk tip – and give subtly ambient backing to Tonra in her full-on evocations of romantic heartache. Or chest-ache, rather.

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Mon Jan 21.

Youth - Daughter


Broody electronica from this London duo, described as 'Enya meets Eno'.