Jessie J defends postponing UK tour

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  • 17 December 2012
Jessie J

Jessie J

Jessie J has defended postponing her 2013 UK tour, insisting she wants to finish her second album first so she can give fans a "bigger and better" show

Jessie J has defended postponing her tour next year.

The 'Domino' hitmaker was set to begin her UK tour on February 26 2013, playing 17 dates - but after falling behind with her second album she has decide to reschedule for October, so fans will have heard new tracks before they see them live.

In a series of Tweets Jessie wrote: "I could do my UK tour in Feb but my album will not be out beforehand so if I did new songs you wouldn't know them... I have personally moved it back to make sure you ALL get a BIGGER and BETTER show and will know the music I'm performing (sic).

"My album is not finished and I am giving myself more time to finish it. I understand some of you are disappointed as am I.

"Music and art cannot be rushed. I promise It will be worth the wait. Thank you for supporting me (sic)."

However, many fans were disappointed at their idol's decision to change the dates.

One user tweeted: "@JessieJ I cant come to the tour if its in october:'( (sic)"

Another added: "@JessieJ you have dissapointed (sic) so many people, how nice of u to do this. :( (sic)"

Jessie is also returning as a mentor on the second series of reality show 'The Voice'.

Jessie's vocals can be heard on one new song, as she guests on up and coming singer-songwriter Daley's new single 'Remember Me', which is out now.


1. Dec 2012, 10:11am Report

Hi, I am a very disappointed fan, I was planning on giving the ticket for a Xmas present to my niece, I understand ur ur saying u want the concert to be bigger and better but I booked the tickets many months ago which should of give u plenty of time to get ur album ready we all have dead lines we have to meet, u also say music takes time well if u new at the time of organising the concert u wanted to bring another album out then why plan it so soon, I don't think ur dedicated to ur music or your fans if u where u would not be behind on ur album.

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