Christmas Songwriters’ Club in Edinburgh to feature Alan Bissett, Adam Stafford and more

Christmas Songwriters’ Club in Edinburgh to feature Alan Bissett, Adam Stafford and more

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The event organiser, Danny Abercrombie, explains the idea behind the club

Christmas is coming, and with it, the fifth annual Christmas Songwriters’ Club. Danny Abercrombie, co-organiser of the night and performer with ‘Very Well’ explains more

‘This is the fifth year I’ve had to conjure up some festive spirit (in October) and write original Christmas songs for the Songwriters’ Club. It’s not an easy thing to do. It’s especially tricky to write a happy pop song (like Shakin’ Stevens, Elton John et al), so in the past I’ve seemed to focus on remembering loved ones and other sombre things. This year I’m aiming for some middle ground, channelling the twin joys of Chrissie Hynde and my friends coming home for Christmas. I’ll also be seeking inspiration from my new rancid Christmas jumper (green with snowdrops and little Santas if you must know …)

Christmas can mean different things to everyone, that’s why this idea really works. We don’t know how each songwriter is going to approach it until we hear the songs on the night. There are no covers allowed, just new songs that the audience will be the first to hear. I think that’s pretty great for an event like this. Over the years we’ve had topics as diverse as Santa taking a year off and Christmas number ones, plus some really beautiful songs from very talented musicians. I can’t wait to hear what everyone’s come up with. We’ve added new acts to the regulars and there will also be spoken word performances.

Ultimately the event is about raising money for charities and having fun with friends and families. We always host it two or three days before Christmas so it feels like Christmas really begins with the Songwriters’ Club.’

Christmas Songwriters’ Club, with Adam Stafford, Alan Bissett and others, Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Sat 22 Dec.

Christmas Songwriters' Club

A night of original festive songs (no covers) from a mixed line-up of Scotland's indie and singer-songwriter talent including TeenCanteen, Book Group, Supermoon, Al Shields, Broken Records, Discopolis, Ella the Bird, The Lonely Together and Richy Carey. Plus a pop up bar and cafe, raffle and stalls all donated to local…

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