Jack White controlled by audiences

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  • 16 December 2012
Jack White

Jack White

Jack White claims the audience are entirely in control of his live shows, and if they aren't responding to him he has no problems stopping the show

Jack White claims the audience are entirely in control of his live shows.

The '16 Saltines' singer and songwriter brushed off a performance showcasing his 'Blunderbuss' album in New York - which he cut short after receiving boos from an "angry crowd" - saying he only responds to the way the audience treat him.

He said: "In these times it feels like a lot of people think a rock 'n' roll show is the same as going to the movie, that a ticket is an emblem of entitlement. Whether they know it or not, the crowd is in control of the show, not me.

"I saw, that first night, just hundreds of people straight-up not clapping. So I have no idea what to pick for the next song. I have no duty to explain to them how this all works. And also, I have a duty to provoke."

Jack, 37, added although many people think he is a "control freak" for taking an all female and an all male band on tour with him, then selecting which will play with him each night, he is misunderstood.

He added to Esquire magazine: "Some reviewer saw the show recently and thought because of the colours and that the girls in the band are all wearing dresses equals I'm a control freak, that I sit down and I pinpoint every detail. I can see that, yes. I can say 100 per cent of the crowd might get that feeling, but if they saw me working they'd be shocked."

Jack White

Ragged blues from the former White Stripes/Raconteurs/Dead Weather guitarist/singer.

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