Mother Goose (3 stars)

Mother Goose

Allan Stewart, Andy Gray and Grant Stott head up 2012 King's Theatre panto

As traditional as turkey, tinsel and forcing a jolly grin to get you through the season, the only festive trio you’ll need this Christmas (three wise men? what three wise men?), Allan Stewart, Andy Gray and Grant Stott, return to the King’s for their annual panto shenanigans.

This year it’s Mother Goose, and it’s a typically irreverent take on the classic fairy tale, with Stewart as the matronly titular character who goes off in search of beauty and riches – at a cost.

Gray hams it up charmingly as her servant-cum-love interest, while Stott’s Demon Vanity is a space-age Julian Clary baddie at whom to direct your boos.

It has to be said that the song and dance numbers grow tiresome after the first few (it opens, inevitably, with ‘Gangnam Style’), but the main trio’s corpsing and ad-libbing throughout is really infectious, making for an energetic, familial atmosphere.

Added to that, there’s enough near-the-knuckle innuendo for some laugh aloud moments for adults, as well as a lovely moral message for the little ones: be careful what you wish for, it might just come true.

King’s Theatre, Edinburgh, until Sun 20 Jan

Mother Goose

The annual King's Theatre Pantomime starring Grant Stott, Andy Gray and Allan Stuart in the tale of the goose who lays golden eggs.

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