Tom Stade talks teenage attitudes, Daniel Sloss and Tramadol Nights

Tom Stade talks teenage attitudes, Daniel Sloss and Tramadol Nights

The Edinburgh-based Canadian comic was a co-writer on Frankie Boyle's infamous comedy series

Edinburgh-based Canadian Tom Stade is a man who likes to relax. So much so that he called his first Fringe show, And Relax. He even has a pretty laid-back attitude to teenagers. ‘We have a lot to learn from them, maybe some kind of patience or, as I like to call it, “who cares?” I think that’s an attitude that would solve a lot of problems across the world. If the Jewish people over in Palestine had teenage attitudes, that would be great, though not a lot would get done until the afternoon. Then again, any decision that’s made in the morning is a little hasty.’

Stade’s positive attitude to the younger citizens in our community can also be witnessed by the fact that he has taken Daniel Sloss under his wing, though the benefits from their writing sessions isn’t going all one way. ‘He brought a little youthful attitude to me and when I hung out with him it was a lot of fun. because I’d forgotten what it was like to be 20 and to write like a 20-year-old. The enthusiasm that comes with that lit a fire in me and I appreciated that, for sure.’

What Stade hasn’t appreciated recently was the negative reaction to Tramadol Nights, Frankie Boyle’s Channel 4 sketch and stand-up show which caused, shall we say, something of a stramash. Stade and Jim Muir (aka Obadiah Steppenwolfe III) were Boyle’s co-writers and while they happily took the plaudits that came the show’s way, they also had to face some serious flak. ‘It actually bugged people whereas most other comedy shows would have been there and gone. At least when we died, we died in flames, but it was funny flames. We created something that made people talk about it for a solid two weeks which is like a lifetime for a TV comedy show.’

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