Also published: self-improvement books

Also published: self-improvement books

Gok Wan

Gok Wan, Paul McKenna and more release self-improvement books for the new year

It’s a time of year we both love and dread. Naturally, it’s only polite to stuff as much food and drink into your system as humanly possible (and beyond) but there will be an inevitable payback somewhere down the line. Little wonder that publishers pick this time to throw out acres of tomes about health, wellbeing and self-improvement as you attempt to cultivate a brand new you for 2013. Leading the pack is Gok Wan (pictured) with All You Need is Gok (Weidenfeld), a self-help book which proposes some serious tough love to get your mind and body in shape for the months and years ahead.

Gastric bands of the psychological kind seem to be big buzz in the diet field this winter with a pair of books suggesting the power of the mind can achieve the same results as an actual gastric band. Paul McKenna hands us The Hypnotic Gastric Band (Bantam) while Martin & Marion Shirran with Fiona Graham offer up The Gastric Mind Band (Hay House). Jeanette Jackson ‘designed the Drop Zone Diet as a scientist’ but wrote The Drop Zone Diet (Michael Joseph) ‘as a woman’. Shedding 14 pounds in as many days is her promise.

Bikram (or ‘hot yoga’) has been endorsed by the likes of Andy Murray and David Beckham, and Benjamin Lorr’s Hell-Bent (Bloomsbury) has the author immersing himself into the very competitive world of California yoga. Health and fitness writer for The Times, Peta Bee, has penned The Food Swap Diet (Piatkus), whose subtitle should give you the full story: ‘Discover the Food Swaps That Will Transform Your Diet and Your Weight - Permanently’.

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