Mark Millar & Lenil Yu - Supercrooks: The Heist (3 stars)

Mark Millar & Lenil Yu - Supercrooks: The Heist

An amalgam of tried and tested formulas heightened by Millar's thrilling enthusiasm

You can see the pitch meeting now: ‘It’s Ocean’s 11 but with superpowers!’ And like so many of Mark Millar’s recent creator-owned series, it would make an absolutely stonking blockbuster. Supercrooks: The Heist is essentially a big heist caper as a gang of lovable rogues pool their disparate resources and head out on one last job. The crew choose Spain as their final target to avoid the plethora of superheroes populating the US: ‘I’ve never heard of a Captain Spain, have you?’ is one of the best quotes here, perfectly showcasing Millar’s gloriously self-aware line in comedy.

It’s an amalgam of tried and tested formulas but Millar writes with such enthusiasm that this is a thrilling ride from the get go, skilfully avoiding total cliché with a couple of great twists, turns and back flips, which all look simply sumptuous in Lenil Yu’s epic detailed art style. You don’t always need deep introspection, sometimes classic action with a dash of intelligence is just as entertaining. Hollywood has obviously also fallen for it’s obvious big screen charms with a movie adaptation already scheduled in for 2014, directed by Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes).

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