Katherine Kelly: Corrie fans won't like me in Mr Selfridge

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  • 13 December 2012
Katherine Kelly

Katherine Kelly

Katherine Kelly is concerned 'Coronation Street' fans will not like her 'Mr. Selfridge' alter-ego, powerful socialite Lady Mae Loxley, because she is so different to mouthy barmaid Becky McDonald, who she portrayed in the ITV1 soap for six years

Katherine Kelly fears 'Coronation Street' fans will not like her character in 'Mr. Selfridge'.

The 33-year-old actress insists her supporters will be "really disappointed" if they are expecting powerful socialite Lady Mae Loxley to be anything like mouthy, cider-guzzling barmaid Becky McDonald - who she portrayed for six years in the soap - but hopes fans will be "completely taken up" by the new period drama.

She said: "We don't like change, so Corrie fans probably won't like it at first. That's just the way we are, isn't it? I miss Becky too, but I love Lady Mae as much as I loved Becky. I just hope that within 10 minutes they'll forget her and forget me and just be completely taken up by this show.

"If you think I'm going to waltz into Selfridges with a bottle of cider and smash it all up, then you're going to be really disappointed.

"But I left 'Coronation Street' to play other roles and this is a very different one. I loved the script - it's not just another period drama."

Katherine loves starring opposite leading man Jeremy Piven - who plays Chicago businessman Harry Gordon Selfridge, the man who founded British department store Selfridges - and insists the 'Entourage' star is the "real deal" when it comes to acting.

She added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "He's everything you'd hope he would be.

"You've got to understand why everybody fell at Harry's feet and adored him - he's got to be so charismatic. And Jeremy has got that in abundance.

"He's a great leading man. He's the real deal. People who adore him in 'Entourage' always say to me, 'Come on, what's he like?' Well, let me tell you, however brilliant you think he is, he's better than that."

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