Emmerdale's Katie may be left infertile after accident

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  • 13 December 2012
Sammy Winward

Sammy Winward

Emmerdale's Katie Macey will be left further traumatised this Christmas when she discovers surgery on her shattered pelvis from her mineshaft fall may have left her infertile

Emmerdale's Katie Macey may be left infertile after her mine shaft accident.

The blonde beauty, played by Sammy Winward, is further traumatised over Christmas when she discovers surgery on her shattered pelvis may have ruined her chances of having children.

The sad news has to be delivered by her husband, Declan (Jason Merrells), after she is rushed to hospital following a collapse.

An source told Inside Soap magazine: "Declan knows what a huge shock this will be, and he struggles to tell Katie. He's also gutted for himself - he was dreaming of having a son.

"When he does tell her, she's as devastated as he expected - but after he tries to convince her they'll do whatever it takes to sort things out, she's disgusted to realise that he thinks money will be the answer."

The couple's relationship has been strained since Katie's horrific fall last month but while Declan remains somewhat oblivious to his wife's feelings, his sister Megan (Gaynor Faye) is more aware of her troubled state of mind.

The source added: "Katie's really been struggling to be around Declan, though he's so delighted not to have lost her he hasn't seemed to notice. It's Megan - Declan's sister, and Katie's rival - who picks up on the atmosphere."

Setting out to disrupt their relationship, Megan stirs things up by telling Katie her husband is also deeply affected, leaving her wondering if their marriage could be over for good.

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