The Bugle - Podcast of biting political humour (4 stars)

The Bugle

Sharp, incisive satirical podcast from Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver

‘Some people were born to create this technology,’ declared John Oliver to his old shock haired sparring partner Andy Zaltzman at the start of The Bugle’s last weekly edition, ‘and others were born to piss it up the wall. You and I were picked by Team B from day one.’

It’s the wonder of the internet, though, that’s kept the pair’s biting political humour on the road since Oliver’s move to the States to work on The Daily Show five years ago, first with backing from The Times and since the turn of 2012 as a fan-funded venture.

Fortunately they are getting their money’s worth. Much like Oliver’s day job and their previous radio work together, Political Animal and The Department, this is sharp incisive comedy with a solid grasp of world events. It’s a show with one hand on the political pulse and the other jagging viciously at the comedy jugular, where insight takes second place to a tightly scripted succession of devastating punchlines blended with a winning anarchic energy. For fans of Have I Got News For You and swearing.

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