Hot 100 2012: Susan Calman's predictions for 2013

Hot 100 2012: Susan Calman's predictions for 2013

The lawyer-turned-comic - #86 in our Hot 100 - shares her predictions for the coming year

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1: The Edinburgh Fringe will be slightly different. People are going to have to look at ticket prices and they’re going to have to look at excessive advertising costs in order to make the Fringe feel doable. I’ve spoken to a number of younger comics who are terrified of even trying the Fringe. There’s a lot of pressure on acts to have giant posters, but they don’t need to do it like that. Last year, despite protestations, I think it was a difficult year for a lot of comics and it might be a time for them to empower themselves and be a little bit more forceful about decisions that are taken. I always look at every aspect of a budget and say no to posters in Leith and things like that. The Fringe will be a different kettle of fish. The free Fringe will thrive if some investment can be made into the standard of venues and it could then really take on the main Fringe.

2: BBC Scotland will make lots and lots of new programmes showcasing Scottish talent. They will free themselves of the shackles and will really go for it and make lots of quality programming: not that they don’t do that already before anyone shouts at me. I’d like to see something in Pacific Quay like the sitcom showcase they have in Salford and try out more Scottish sitcoms. I could be wrong but I don’t think they’ve made a Scottish sitcom in that studio yet, so that would be nice. 2013 will be the year when BBC Scotland really makes its mark on the network.

3: I’d like to see more films made in Scotland. I hanker back to the days when they did more of that, and I’d like to see a real film generation project up here to train people up. It would be nice to see something made that would have a global impact like Gregory’s Girl or Trainspotting.

4: We’ll get an arts funding body that the creative people in Scotland will respect and would be in tune with what’s happening. I don’t take any sides in this, but there should be some kind of body that represents us or funds us. At a time of cuts, this is the time when we need something that supports the creative arts in Scotland.

5: I’ve got a couple of pilots on the go so I’d love one of them to be made. That would be wonderful, so I’ll be confident and predict that it will happen.

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