Cinderella - macrobert (4 stars)

Cinderella - macrobert

A few tweaks and this postmodern panto, penned by Johnny McKnight, could fly

Johnny McKnight’s sparkling Christmas offering at macrobert may be missing the man himself, but it launches straight into the postmodern Pantosphere setting now familiar to local audiences.

Here, the Ugly Sisters, Fi Fi (a sneering Jagger-esque Jonathan Holt) and Fou Fou (a portly Richard Conlon), lead a bunch of young recruits in Dame School. The forces of good are provided by a clutch of student fairies, leaving Louise Ludgate’s Madame De’Mon to draw the boos, although she could easily turn her scare factor up a few notches.

There are plenty of contemporary songs to get the young things dancing, with the obligatory Gangnam reference worked in as a remix verse of LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know It’. Pure genius.

But best value for money comes from Angela Hardie’s feisty Cinderella. She has a great voice and wipes the floor with Anthony Fagan as her full-of-himself Prince. Surprisingly, Ryan Fletcher appears to be operating on cruise control as Buttons, but on a night when he engages fully, this knowing show with a full sense of right and wrong should fly.

Macrobert, Stirling, until Mon 31 Dec.


A more modern take on the classic fairytale full of songs, laughter and magic.

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