Sacha Gervasi: Hitchcock portrayals are accurate

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  • 10 December 2012
Sacha Gervasi

Sacha Gervasi

'Hitchcock' director Sacha Gervasi thinks both Sir Anthony Hopkins and Toby Jones' portrayals of Hitchcock in recent films are accurate in showing different sides to the filmmaker's personality

Sacha Gervasi thinks both 'The Girl' and 'Hitchcock' are accurate portrayals of Sir Alfred Hitchcock.

The director - who helms the second of the two films about the famed director released this year - commented on comparisons between his more pleasant vision of Hitchcock, played by Sir Anthony Hopkins, to the sinister version played by Toby Jones in the HBO TV movie, suggesting they are both rooted in truth.

Speaking at the UK premiere of 'Hitchcock' in London on Sunday (09.12.12), Sacha told BANG Showbiz: "I haven't actually seen it yet but obviously I know about it. I think it's the centenary of Hitchcock, there's tons of interest in him.

"I know that he has been deified and vilified at different points. I think what we've added to the discussion, and hopefully an endless discussion about Hitchcock, is that there's also this other aspect as well. Not to negate or take away from these other portrayals, I just assume with Hitchcock that everything is true. People want one or the other and I think it's all true. He was probably a monster and he was wonderful."

'Hitchcock', also starring Dame Helen Mirren, is about the love story between Hitchcock and wife Alma Reville during the filming of his seminal classic 'Psycho'.

Meanwhile, 'The Girl' centres on Tippi Hedren - played by Sienna Miller - and her tempestuous relationship with the director, who she alleges ruined her career after she turned down his sexual advances.

Sir Anthony Hopkins and Dame Helen Mirren joined Sacha on the red carpet for the 'Hitchcock' premiere at London's British Film Institute Cinema.

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